Through INACRAFT 2011 we develop Creative Economy Products

On its 13th year of event, The Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair (INACRAFT), which is held annually in April, will focus on the development of creative economy product as a form of support to the government, especially on the economic field, as an effort to increase Indonesian exports to foreign countries.

It is all related from the fact that Indonesia is an archipelago country which has a plurality and a cultural diversity with various handicraft products, whereas the products it selves are needed to be conserved and also developed with the implementation of advance technology and the increase of market demand in every year. With proper and direct assistance and guidance, it is not impossible that handicraft industry will emerge as a form of job opportunities for every region in Indonesia that have potential to grow and provide foreign exchanges for our country.
This is the main objective of INACRAFT, in accordance with the theme From Smart Village to Global Market, as for protecting and facilitating handicraft products to be elevated to the higher level and be able to compete with similar products from other countries. Gratified as one of the Asia’s Largest Handicrafts Exhibitions and an event for promoting Indonesian handicrafts to broaden the domestic and overseas market through high quality products, INACRAFT 2011, which endorses the Wealth of Lampung Cultural Heritage as its main icon, also aims to develop creative economy product in order to improve the export quality of Indonesian handicrafts that can be one of the alternative supporting factors of national economy issues on the Free Trade era nowadays.

The upcoming INACRAFT 2011 will provide great opportunities for artisans and craft entrepreneurs to introduce and market their products. We, as the organizer, the Association of Exporters and Producers of Indonesian Handicraft (ASEPHI), want to acknowledge the candidate exhibitors to take advantage of these occasions to improve the creativity and quality of their products furthermore; so that we can level up the grade of Indonesian economy sector in all over the world.

Finally, we thank you for your participation in INACRAFT 2011

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11 Kunci Kesuksesan

“Kesuksesan seseorang sekitar 30 persennya ditentukan oleh IQ, sisanya, ditentukan oleh EQ,” begitu ucap Sani B. Hermawan, Psi., Direktur Lembaga Daya Insani, beberapa waktu lalu saat temu media. Sementara dalam buku “Emotional Intelligence“, Daniel Goleman menuliskan, kesuksesan seseorang sebanyak 20 persennya ditentukan oleh IQ, sisanya adalah hal-hal lain.
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21 Cara untuk Promosikan Situs Anda Online dan Off

Promosi Offline

1. Selalu menempatkan URL Anda pada kop surat, kartu nama dan tanda tangan e-mail – dimanapun calon pengunjung cenderung untuk melihatnya.

2. Jika karyawan Anda mengenakan seragam, menempatkan URL Anda pada mereka sehingga setiap satu dari pelanggan Anda melihat iklan berjalan dari website Anda.

3. Sertakan URL Anda pada semua barang-barang promosi Anda memberikan – cangkir kopi, T-shirt, gantungan kunci dan sebagainya. Sebuah pengingat harian adalah cara yang baik untuk membuat orang mengunjungi situs Anda.

4. Pastikan untuk menyertakan (webaddress)alamat situs Anda di tekan oleh semua artikel yang Anda kirimkan kepada anggota media. Dengan cara itu, mereka mungkin lebih cenderung memasukkannya dalam artikel mereka menulis tentang perusahaan Anda.

5. Jangan lupa untuk menempatkan webaddress Anda di Yellow Pages iklan Anda. Itu satu tempat orang melihat setiap hari.

6. Apakah Anda memiliki kendaraan perusahaan? Pastikan untuk memasukkan URL Anda di samping setiap mobil atau truk yang di luar sana mendistribusikan produk-produk anda.

7. Letakkan webaddress Anda pada bagian bawah setiap halaman katalog Anda agar pelanggan memiliki akses mudah ke toko online Anda.

Promosi Online

8. Asah mesin pencari proses pengajuan sehingga Anda bisa mendapatkan yang terbaik.

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